Which phrases we want to express in a complex clause
If we don’t know how to house the letter
Every word expresses what we want to create
But nothing happen in the real imagination
What the people expect what they indeed what they need
They need the expression of love
The expectation of hope indeed in the great life
We live to make life better than what we need
We live to forgive and to giving more
More than what we can do to think
But we realize, we can’t do it if we in particial way
In whole of parts togetherness, it must be done
We have a big hand to hold another hand in the world
They are created to help us, aren’t created to push us.
Our Creator doesn’t make us in perfect form
Cause He/She gives us opportunity to know
How far we can use our gift usefully for another creation.

Bulukumba, 29 March 2015


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